In 1960 Mr. Giuseppe Magnabosco, after having been executive director of an influential company, established the company Magnabosco Giuseppe Mechanical Construction in Zugliano, Vicenza. Right away the company becomes leader in manufacturing steam boilers and diary plants and mini-plants.

Over the years Magnabosco company increased its business acquiring several companies till forming MAGNABOSCO GROUP. The group is specialized in machines and plants construction as per customer requirement.

Currently our production range is divided into three main categories: dairy plants and machine for processing milk and its by-products, steam generators and autoclaves for thermic treatments and in particular the innovative technology of composite materials, carbon fibres.

Over the years Magnabosco company earmarked several resources for research and development in order to realize several patents in Europe and in the USA.

The company is still located in Zugliano with a surface of 10.000 mq and offices with a 800 mq surface.